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There is no need to get out multiple Q-Tips to tackle the hardest area to reach with the toughest build up. The Lug Nut Brush is built to clean any size lug nut. With three separate wire loops loaded with flexible bristles, it will clean lug nuts with a simple turn with your wrist. With its soft rubber gripped handle to prevent slippage when wet, the Lug Nut Brush is a tool any weekend warrior or car detailer should have in their detail arsenal.

Why Buy This Product?

  • Fits all types of lug nuts whether its a sports car or large truck
  • One tool to do the trick instead of endless amounts of Q-Tips
  • Built to take on built up brake dust, dirt & grime
  • Flexible end pieces allow the brush to fit any size lug nut


  • Rinse wheel with clean water to remove any light build up
  • Spray the surface of the wheel as well as in the lug nut areas with Wheel Clean
  • Insert the Lug Nut Brush in each individual lug nut area. Brush will shape to the size of the lug nut
  • Twist back and forth until each lug nut has received a good scrubbing
  • Rinse off wheel with clean water

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