Wash & Gloss

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Looking for an easy way to wash & wax your vehicle with one step? Wash & Gloss is a must have in your detail arsenal. It is specially formulated with premium grade carnauba wax to help protect your vehicle between washes. Looking for Creates loads of long lasting foam and will not harm vehicles clear coat, chrome or polished aluminum surfaces. Mild on paint, tough on dirt. Wash & Gloss has a pleasant cherry scent, extra dye, & is biodegradable.

Why Buy This Product?

  • Creates thick car wash suds
  • Leaves a high gloss on painted surfaces
  • Biodegradable & pH balanced formula
  • Concentrated formula
  • Works on all exterior surfaces of your vehicle
  • Carnauba wax base
  • Cherry scent


  • Pre-rinse vehicle to remove any loose dirt or dust
  • Dispense 1-2 ounces in a 5 gallon bucket
  • Use pressured water to create foam
  • Properly wash with a microfiber wash mitt covering all areas with the 2 bucket car wash method to gently remove any dirt without adding any swirls or scratches
  • Thouroughly rinse soap off with clean water to deliver the highest shine
  • Dry with your preferred drying method
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