Wheel & Tire Brush (Short Handle)

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Wheels can be a pain to clean due to the many makes of wheels on the market. Some consist of large gaps, and others consist of smaller gaps making it hard to reach in particular areas. The Wheel & Tire Brush is the perfect solution to clean all types of wheels! Its soft green bristles gently lift dirt and grime which makes it easy and efficient to reach those hard to reach areas while leaving a scratch free shine once finished! This brush also works great on suspension parts, undercarriage, & tires! For the best results, pair with Wheel Clean.

Why Buy This Product?

  • Easily cleans intricate wheel designs and patterns
  • Made with soft synthetic bristles
  • Never misplace your brush with the eye catching green bristles
  • Rugged plastic handle for comfort
  • Soft bristles that penetrate the smallest areas
  • Perfect for cleaning wheels, tires, suspension, undercarriage, engine bays and more!


  • Before cleaning wheels, rinse away loose contamination with water and spray the face and barrel down with Wheel Clean
  • The soft and durable synthetic green bristles easily scrub dirt from deep inside wheel faces, fender liners, and more
  • Once wheels have been scrubbed, rinse wheel off with clean water for a scratch free shine
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