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Washing with Xero Rinse is xtremly quick, easy and environmental friendly. Contains exclusive polymers that trap dirt to clean surfaces without rinsing and leaves a smooth, glossy, scratch free surface, paint, glass plastic, gel coat, etc. Reduces the need for excessive water use in areas where water is restricted. Can also be diluted for use as a highly effective clay bar lube.

Why Buy This Product?

  • Superior shine and protection that lasts
  • Wash & wax in one simple step
  • Can be used on multiple surfaces including paint, wheels, windows, etc.
  • Perfect for all car colors
  • For Paint, Fiberglass, Metal, Glass & more!
  • Reduce the amount of water used or wash a vehicle in places that allow minimal water
  • For all automotive, aircraft, marine, motorcycles and more
  • Created to leave a scratch free and high shine finish


  • Add 2 oz. to 4 gallons water in a bucket
  • Soak clean microfiber towel and wash one section of a car at a time until clean
  • Dry each section with a clean dry microfiber towel
  • If surface dries before wiping clean, simply wash again and dry
  • If surface is heavily soiled, a second wash may be necessary
  • For use as clay bar lube add 2 oz. Xero Rinse concentrate to 1 gallon of water
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